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A full-scale replica of Miss Moxxi's Good Touch is now available for pre-order on the Gearbox store!

The replica is created by TriForce and limited to 500 pieces worldwide. It weighs 20 pounds and is 29 inches long, is crafted in polystone and includes working LED effects.

It will cost $700 overall -- the pre-order requires a $175 deposit, and an additional $525 plus shipping and handling will be required when the replica becomes available to ship in late Q2 of 2015.


 Since we announced Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, one of the questions we’ve gotten the most often from our fans is “when is it coming to next-gen?” Well, get your Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s ready – not only is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel coming, but so is Borderlands 2! Both titles are making their way over to next-gen consoles in one package as Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on March 24, 2015 in North America and March 27, 2015 internationally!

We’re excited to offer fans The Handsome Collection as it bundles the complete story of the franchise’s most iconic villain, Handsome Jack, and all in stunning high definition, with high performance and graphical fidelity never before seen on consoles!  On top of that, for the first time ever in a Borderlands game, The Handsome Collection offers four-player local split screen meaning four friends can shoot-n-loot together on a single television.

Already started Borderlands 2 and/or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita or Xbox 360? Good news: using cross-save functionality, you’ll be able to continue where you left off by transferring your prior-gen save including your leveled up characters and Badass Rank to your next-gen console!  (Note that cross-save will only work within the same console family – e.g., Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PlayStation 3/Vita to PlayStation 4).

Not only are you getting both games for the price of one ($59.99), but The Handsome Collection also includes a boatload of add-on content as well. You’ll be getting all of the downloadable content for both titles* which is a whole lot. Feast your eyes on the list of packs included:

Borderlands 2

  • Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty (campaign add-on)
  • Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage (campaign add-on)
  • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt (campaign add-on)
  • Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (campaign add-on)
  • The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack (level cap increase)
  • Gaige the Mechromancer (playable class)
  • Krieg the Psycho (playable class)
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2: Digistruct Peak Challenge (level cap increase & challenge arena)
  • Creature Slaughter Dome (challenge arena)
  • T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest (Headhunter Pack)
  • The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler (Headhunter Pack)
  • How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day (Headhunter Pack)
  • Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre (Headhunter Pack)
  • Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax (Headhunter Pack)
  • Character Customization Packs
    • Collector's Edition Pack
    • Commando Madness Pack
    • Commando Supremacy Pack
    • Commando Domination Pack
    • Siren Madness Pack
    • Siren Supremacy Pack
    • Siren Domination Pack
    • Gunzerker Madness Pack
    • Gunzerker Supremacy Pack
    • Gunzerker Domination Pack
    • Mechromancer Madness Pack
    • Mechromancer Supremacy Pack
    • Mechromancer Domination Pack
    • Assassin Madness Pack
    • Assassin Supremacy Pack
    • Assassin Domination Pack
    • Mechromancer Steampunk Slayer Pack
    • Gunzerker Dapper Gent Pack
    • Psycho Dark Psyche Pack
    • Psycho Madness Pack
    • Psycho Supremacy Pack
    • Psycho Domination Pack
    • Siren Glitter and Gore Pack
    • Commando Haggard Hunter Pack
    • Assassin Stinging Blade Pack
    • Mechromancer Beatmaster Pack
    • Gunzerker Greasy Grunt Pack
    • Psycho Party Pack
    • Siren Learned Warrior Pack
    • Commando Devilish Good Looks Pack
    • Assassin Cl0ckw0rk Pack

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack (playable class)
  • Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack: The Holodome Onslaught (level cap increase & challenge arena)
  • Shock Drop Slaughter Pit (challenge arena)
  • Upcoming Season Pass Content (playable class)
  • Upcoming Season Pass Content (campaign add-on)

The Handsome Collection will also receive an extremely limited collector’s edition, the Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition. Limited to only 5,000 units worldwide, the Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition includes a remote-controlled Claptrap steward robot that looks just like the in-game character! He is designed and detailed to look just like the Claptrap you know and love - or maybe hate - and now you have the power to control him from your iOS and/or Android device with a companion app called ClaptrApp. The remote controlled Claptrap also includes the following features:

  • Gyro technology to balance on one wheel allowing it to move wherever you want him to!
  • Voice samples of some of Claptrap’s most iconic lines that can be activated on command!
  • A real working camera in his “eye” that is streamed to your mobile phone, so you can see where Claptrap is headed!

The Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition also includes 12 exclusive Vault Hunter lithographs as well as a collectible steel case and will be available for $399 at selected retailers. Act fast, because these things won’t last long! The Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition will be available at participating retailers in North America as well as internationally.

You may have noticed that for The Pre-Sequel, we reference two upcoming add-ons above that haven’t been announced just yet. We’ll have more details on those very soon, so stay tuned!

*Includes all available downloadable content for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as of March 24, 2015. Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account as well as Internet connection is required to download certain add-on content at no additional cost. 


Sit back, put on your headphones, and take an emotional journey through "Future Reflections," an audio and visual Borderlands experience by forum member Klopotinsha.


Last month, we posted an open survey to find out the community's favorite Borderlands characters. The surveys have been tallied, and the results are in! Your top three Borderlands characters (in no particular order) are...

Did your favorite character make the list? Share your thoughts over on the Official Gearbox Forums!


Borderlands Character Survey

12.19.14 - Jeff Skal

There's no lack of vivid characters in the Borderlands games, from an annoying (but sometimes lovable) robot to a megalomaniac corporate CEO. Whether it's a deluxe character statue, a cosplay reference guide, or a limited-edition art print, we're always looking to find new ways to bring our characters to life outside of their games.

That's where you come in! Now that we've launched Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, it's time to find out the community's new favorite characters. Let us know who you think we should focus our future efforts on in this Borderlands Character Survey!


Pre-orders are now open for the first in a new, exclusive line of deluxe-format Borderlands statues: Zer0!

Standing atop a destroyed loader bot, Zer0 stands over a foot tall and can be set in multiple poses through sets of interchangable arms that both include a battery operated light-up electro luminescent sword.

Pre-orders will be available in a limited window. Guarantee yours today by putting down a deposit in the Official Gearbox Store before December 1, 2014!


"Handsome Jack Gilded Mask" lithographs by Sam Spratt are now available for order in the official Gearbox Store!

Only 500 of these limited edition, individually numbered and autographed lithographs will be printed, so be sure to lock in your order today!



A new poster series of never-before-released Borderlands character art is now available for pre-order in the Gearbox Software store! The full-sized posters are limited edition 16"x24" lithographs autographed by artist Brian Cozzens.

Full-sized lithographs will be released on a monthly basis, starting with Maya and Krieg in October. The full set is available to order as 6"x9" mini-lithographs starting today!


New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel themed heads and skins are now available* in Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC! Your favorite Vault Hunters have taken to cosplaying their favorite characters from The Pre-Sequel:

With today's update, all of these customizations are now available as extremely rare drops in-game. You'll also be able to immediately unlock one of the character's customization sets each week via SHiFT code by clicking the corresponding images above as they go live on their listed dates.

We are aware that some Xbox 360 users are experiencing an issue that causes them to be stuck in a compatibility pack download loop. To resolve this, please follow the instructions in this knowledge base article.

For help and assistance with SHiFT, visit

*Requires active Internet connection. For more details on SHiFT and Hot Fixes, visit



Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available to pre-purchase on Steam, among other digital retailers! Those who already own Borderlands or Borderlands 2 will also receive a 10% discount by pre-purchasing on Steam before August 25.

But wait, there's more! All pre-ordered copies of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel come with action packed bonus content, the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit!

Now is also a great opportunity to recruit new Vault Hunters to your cause, as Borderlands 2 is FREE TO PLAY (!!) on Steam now through 1PM PST on Sunday, August 24. And if all that wasn't enough, Borderlands titles and add-ons, including Borderlands 2 Game of the Year, are now up to 75% off on Steam as part of the 2K Publisher Weekend.

TL;DR: There's a lot of really awesome Borderlands stuff going down on Steam now through August 25.


Borderlands 2 in 4K!

08.12.14 - Jeff Skal

Reddit user lleti wanted to see what Borderlands 2 looked like in 4K, and was left with only one option: to run Borderlands 2 in 4K.

After the initial success, it was only appropriate to take Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep for a spin, too. You can check out those screens here. Thanks for sharing, lleti!


Fan-made Gaige Wayfarer Wizard Hat

06.27.14 - Jeff Skal

Reddit user Lady-Silverwolf shared her awesome handmade Wayfarer Wizard hat with r/Borderlands2, complete with some spot-on cel shading. Awesome job!


After the last batch sold out in mere hours, Swag-Filled Diamond Plate Loot Chests are back in stock again on Amazon. Each loot chest comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, a Halloween-style Goliath mask, 20 Legendary loot cards with SHiFT codes to unlock the items in game, and more!

Quantities are limited, so don't miss your chance to own this rad piece of Borderlands 2 memorabilia!


The Community Day 2013 Digital Bonus Pack is back by popular demand! Subscribe to Gearbox Software on Twitch and unlock the digital bonus pack, which includes the exclusive in-game Borderlands 2 Community Day 2013 heads and skins!

The Digital Bonus Pack gets you:

  • Access to our HD stream on Twitch
  • Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes to unlock special in-game Community Day 2013 heads and skins*
  • Free download of Homeworld Remastered and Homeworld Classic**
  • Beta access to an unannounced Gearbox Software title***

For support with Twitch subscriptions or the Digital Bonus Pack visit For support with SHiFT or Borderlands 2, please visit

* Users will receive a SHiFT code in their Twitch inbox within an hour of subscribing.
**Terms and conditions
***Terms and conditions


Thanks to @nrrd_grrl for sharing this Tiny Tina cosplay she rocked at Motor City Comic Con last weekend!


As of this morning, PlayStation 3 owners can now transfer their Borderlands 2 saves to PS Vita and vice versa!

For support with Borderlands 2, please visit


Loot Chests are Back in Stock!

05.15.14 - Jeff Skal

Swag-Filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chests are back in stock on Amazon! Each loot chest comes stuffed with official Borderlands 2 collectibles and 20 trading cards for in-game legendary items. Quantities are limited, so get yours today!


Borderlands 2 Vita is Almost Here

05.02.14 - Gearbox Staff

The release of Borderlands 2 on Vita is right around the corner, and the PlayStation Blog has a new post covering some hands-on impressions and the latest info. You can check that out right here, and watch the trailer for the Vita version along with it.


Borderlands 2 launches along with the new, slimmer Vita on May 6, or on its own on May 13.



Borderlands 2 for Vita will be hitting shelves as part of a Limited Edition PlayStation Vita Bundle on May 6th, and digitally on PlayStation Store and at retailers nationwide on May 13!

Head over to the PlayStation blog for more details.


We’re making it even easier for you to send more items from LootTheWorld (out now on iOS / Android in the U.S.) to Borderlands 2!

Previously, the only way to stock up on LootTheWorld stamps was to wait around for the release of replenishment QR codes. From now on, after you use up all of your stamps, three happy new stamps will soon show up in your inventory. Continue to use your stamps wisely though, as users will only be eligible for a restock once every seven days.  

For more information and assistance with LootTheWorld, Borderlands 2 and / or SHiFT, please visit